Type of lathe Model Max. turning diameter Max. diameter above support Max. length Note
CNC S80 PRIM 430 mm 680 mm 750/1 000 mm 3 driven tools
CNC Masturn 70 700 mm 430 mm 2 000 mm
Centre CU1000 1090 mm 690 mm 4 000 mm face place, steady rests
Centre S80 800 mm 380 mm 1 600 mm face place, steady rests
Centre SV18RA 355 mm 220 mm 1 000 mm
Centre SN55 500 mm 320 mm 2 000 mm
Type of milling machine Model Max. size of workpiece (x, y) Table height (z) Note
2x CNC DMU 100 1 000 x 1 000 mm 780 mm 5-axis machining
CNC AXILE V7 1 250 x 700 mm 620 mm possibility of clamping in axis X 2000 mm
Knee-and-column FGV 32 1 400 x 360 mm 460 mm digital measurement
Vertical FC63V 1 570 x 500 mm 450 mm digital measurement, rotary table, indexing head
Vertical FA4A 1 000 x 350 mm 400 mm rotary table, indexing head
Horizontal FNGJ32 600 x 350 mm 350 mm digital measurement, vertical head
Universal FGS50/63 1 400 x 500 mm 450 mm digital measurement, rotary table, indexing head
Engraving Deckel 300 x 150 mm 300 mm only reduction 1,5 – 1
Tool head Deckel 500 x 250 mm 300 mm rotary table, indexing head, vertical and horizontal
Type of grinding machine Model Max. size of workpiece Table height Max. diameter of workpiece Max. length Note
Cylindrical - circular OMICRON 1500-ETS 600 mm 1 530 mm
Cylindrical - circular BH25A/1000 240 mm 1 000 mm
Vertical rotary ROSA LINEA 1 000 mm water cooling
Vertical jig AG/35 MO (HAUSER) 500 x 300 mm 110 mm digital measurement
Internal 3SH/1000
Internal 3SH/800
Horizontal surface REDLINE 800 x 400 mm profile grinding
Horizontal surface BPH200 600 x 200 mm 500 mm
Vertical surface Bpv 300 1 500 x 300 mm 400 mm water cooling
Type Model Max. size of workpiece Table height Note
Horizontal boring machine 110 1 000 x 1 000 x 800 mm
Jig boring machine WKV63 800 x 600 mm 500 mm turntable
Radial boring machine VR4 1 020 x 700 mm 800 mm clamping bracket
Band saw machine ARG400 PLUS S.A.F. max. angle 45˚
The coordinate measuring machine ABERLINK ZENITH 2000 CNC
Forklift truck
Crane Hall No.1 3200 kg
Crane Hall No.2 5000 kg
Crane Hall No.2 2000 kg
TOS KUŘIM – OS, a.s.
TOS Varnsdorf a.s.
KSK Precise Motion, a.s.
ŠMT a.s.
Strojírna - Tyc, s.r.o.
Siemens, s.r.o.
IG Watteeuw ČR, s.r.o.
Continental VÚK s.r.o.

Dear Business Friends,

The company Ergozet s.r.o. was established in 2004 on the grounds of Zbrojovka Brno, with connections to its production programme and its long years of experience in metalworking.

Ergozet s.r.o. built a modern production plant at the Černovice Terraces industrial zone in Brno in 2010.

The company is engaged in the production of machined parts, with the option of complete subsequent as-sembly. It employs reliable professionally trained staff. It uses attested technologies and materials and guarantees product quality and agreed deadlines. Your order will be managed by a team of experienced and qualified experts from our trade and technology department. The company also has the necessary production software for planning piece and small-series production. Great attention is devoted to quality control here by an experienced metrologist. The company can issue measurement protocols in accordance with the requirements of the customer.

In 2010, the company received a CSN EN 190 9001:2009 Quality Management System Certificate on the basis of the results of a certification audit for the following processes

  • the production of cutting and clamping tools
  • the production of fixtures and measuring instruments
  • light engineering production

We perform: mechanical production, metalworking, metal machining, turning, milling, boring, assembly, grinding, surface grinding, round grinding, hole grinding, CNC machining, 5-axis machining, job-work, fix-tures, clamping tools, measuring devices, castings, the machining of castings

Certificate for downloading:
ERGOZET s.r.o.
Těžební 1256/2c
627 00 Brno
Czech Republic
T  +420 537 020 971
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Reg. No.: 25532057    VAT No.: CZ25532057

Executive Director
Bc. Zdeněk Keller
T  +420 537 020 971

Commercial Department - Czech
Jaroslav Bradáč
T  +420 537 020 972
M  +420 731 172 126

Commercial Department - EXPORT
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